Personalized web design adapted to people with visual disabilities

If you want to adapt your website for people who are blind or have reduced vision, contact us and receive your free estimate.

We are experts in digital marketing, blind-friendly business or commercial websites, and website optimization with a proven track record. For more than 20 years we have been working in the local and international market, and we have managed to promote businesses and service companies on the Internet, which once correctly programmed, managed to obtain great profits, a greater number of clients, and greater popularity among other websites of various commercial and business sectors.

We offer website services adapted to people with reduced vision. This will allow you, in addition to generating inclusion of those people who do not have the ability to see, to be able to adapt the website to people with visual disabilities. By offering accessibility tools on your website, you will not only improve the reputation of your website, you will also be able to include those people who by other means cannot access your website, including them and making them part of your company as new customers.

DextraSEO offers services of web positioning strategies, website optimization, development of custom systems and business applications, business or commercial websites adapted to blind people, to improve the user experience on your site, and obtaining leads. We have a group of highly qualified experts, trained in the positioning of websites, as well as the promotion of goods and services companies throughout the network.

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In addition, we offer technical support service to our customers. At DextraSEO we receive inquiries of all kinds related to the design of business or commercial websites adapted to blind people.

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The greatest benefit will be obtained by you and your company, by having a quality, efficient and secure web page, in order to improve the administration of your company from the virtual environment, and offer an optimal quality service to your clients.

We provide a service with a continental reach, whether you are in Latin America, North America, or Europe, contact us and we will provide you with personalized assistance. We are here to help you!.